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The first post is my reaction to:

Longing For A Free Mind (Part 13 of 14) June 1st 2011 [Presented at the Fifth Annual Alif Ba Ta Conference at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, organized by UMNO Club of New York-New Jersey, January 29, 2011.] from http://www.bakrimusa.com/

Specifically, I would like to share my reaction to the question: Would you prefer a Muslim leader who is corrupt and incompetent over a non-Muslim who is both honest and competent?

At first sight, the question’s narrow breadth, exemplified by the two options, strikes at best naive. The intellectual content of the question is deficient which may potentially reflect poorly on the asker(s), but one must avoid outward attack of personal character unless absolutely necessary. Outward personal attacks can be only done in a way that does not constitute transgression. It is the attribute of Allah the Almighty and His Noble Messenger, Prophet Muhammad(saw), to protect one’s self-respect, and as such, only expose one’s true colour and punish the wrongdoer, when there is no other choice,  in a way that is just – which embody at least proof of guilt, diplomacy, sufficient warnings, and time to correct the wrongness. In my opinion, this is the real meaning of justice and benevolence which we ought to be grateful for. The topic of law and justice can be discussed at another opportunity, so too the topic of benevolence, gratefulness and other human mettle development in the eyes of Allah-Muhammad.

Keeping to the scope of this post , there are many cases whereby the asker deliberately asks such meaningless question just to evoke or provoke the intended responder, which I have personally experienced time and again. If I believe the intention is good, I will certainly communicate a response, else silence is the best answer; either way the asker got the response to his/her stupid question.

There are also cases where the deficient question is asked by one who is sincerely intellectually lacking. In this case, we should not blame his/her disposition since nobody in their right mind asks to be dumb, furthermore the question was not meant to cause any harm. Such characters can be helped, not necessarily by the one who the question was bound for, but just generally speaking.

If it can be determined that the intention is bad and the question is bad, one of the best way is to decline the response. Silence can be the most eloquent reply.

Goes back to the intention and execution of the act, in this case, questioning. When it comes to intention, there is only two, good or bad, that is all.


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